Between Sundays

It’s been a while since we have had a new blog post but it’s time to get back to it!  A lot has happened since our last Between Sunday’s blog…we have welcomed a new pastor, Rev. Farley Stuart, to our church, held Vacation Bible School where we hosted around 90 kids and enjoyed lots of summer activities.
But summer is coming to a close and parents and kids are gearing up to start a new school year this week. This past Sunday, we celebrated during both of our services by offering prayer and blessing to our students, teachers and administrators. We asked God to guide and bless them during the school year. 
Also on Sunday, we celebrated Confirmation with those youth that completed confirmation classes.  Our 2016 Confirmation Class is listed to the right.  We celebrated 4 youth baptisms, 1 adult baptism and 5 baptism remembrances. 
We had wonderful, spirit-filled services at both campuses on Sunday.  If you missed it, there are a few pictures below.  God is good!


2016 Confirmation Class 

Ashley Pryor                  Erica Koffer

Autumn Robinson         Evan Rodgers

Bailey Koskela               Ezekiel Dijiba

Brady Thompson           Jake Thompson

Brooklyn Frye                Logan Barber

Emma Taylor                 Rylee King

Ethan Barber   



Sydney Luther

Ramsey Morris

Natalie Anderson