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We were not made to do life alone. John Donne said it this way, “No man is an island/ Entire of itself/Every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.” We, by our very nature, are a part of a larger story and larger community.

Isolation is the greatest killer of a life that follows after Jesus. One who follows Jesus is called a disciple and disciples never walk alone. Lone Ranger had Tonto, and we, as followers of Jesus, have each other.

We as a church want to help you find ways to get connected in community. The primary name for all of these connections are community groups. There are various forms and expressions, but they all have the same function: to help you connect with others so you can not only know, but also love, God.  
Community Groups:

Across both campuses we want all men and women to participate in some form of Community Group. A community group is a space/place/area where people can meet together around the Word of God and how it’s call effects and changes our lives. The goal of all community groups are to help men and women become disciples. The reality is, that unless we are sharing life with others in community, then we can not grow as a disciple. 

There are primarily 4 types of groups:

1. Conversation groups -discussion-based groups
2. Study based groups – a group that tackles a topic or a book of the Bible.
3. Felt need groups – a group that is formed around a ‘need’ in people’s lives and hearts.
4. Experience based groups – groups that are formed for people not only to study about God but to experience Him in ways that uses their spiritual senses.

Conversation Groups:
There are numerous opportunities for you to have discussions throughout the week and they are outlined below:
Sunday morning offerings

Main Street at 9:00 am
*Friendship Sunday School Class, led by Mary Davis (Conference Room).
*The Servants Sunday School Class (Servants Sunday School Room).
*Sunday School will be offered for children during this time as well.

First Fire
*Blaze will meet at 10:00 am., led by Kevin Parido
*Blaze for Kids will be offered during this time as well.

Wednesday Night offerings:
*Win 1st 3D will have discussion groups for both middle and high school students beginning at 6:00 pm

Other offerings:

Study-based Groups:

We offer Study-based groups at each campus on Sunday mornings in the form of Sunday School classes (and other various times and forms.) These studies look deep into God’s words and how it effects and changes our lives.


At the Main Campus, we have 4 different adult classes, (there are also classes from birth to Sr. High) beginning at 9 am: 

1. Mary Davis’s class meets in the conference room.

2. Frank Vermillion’s class meets in the parlor and are studying varying Biblical topics.

3. Ed Burtner’s class meets downstairs in room B2 and they are studying the book of Revelation.

4. Servants Sunday School class meets downstairs in room B1.

All kids and teen classes are upstairs, and nursery is on the main level.

Experience-based Groups: 
Fallow Groud Project
If you are hungry for more of God and what it means to live for Him, this is the place for you. Please contact Kevin ( if you are interested in more information about Fallow Ground.