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For us, it’s pretty simple:  Every single human being matters to God therefore, they matter to us. 

While some churches may be member-focused, we are mission-focused, and our mission is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  We are constantly striving to create environments that draw people into an encouraging and intimate relationship with God and with others. 

We strive to be authentic, honest, and humble in our community of faith.  We strive to be a place where both regularly churched people, and those not currently attending church can connect with God in an engaging, relevant, and grace-filled environment.  We are who we are and by God’s grace, we are all on a journey toward becoming more like Christ. 

We are real people, who deal with real life issues, in a real church environment.  We seek to  apply the unchanging truth of the Bible in an inspiring and challenging way that gives birth to life change in the hearts of each of us.
We want you to know God, thrive in community with others and discover your mission.  Browse the links below to discovery how you can find: God, community and mission.  
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